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Catelyn Stark - The Stone Lady

Lord Hoster Tully's second child and his first daughter, was born in The Riverlands. During her childhood, she met Petyr Baelish, father of her father's child. Although Petyr was in love with her, she always looked at him as a friend. She was twelve when she announced his engagement with Brandon Stark, Deres' heir. After being executed with Brandon's father, she married Eddard Stark, though it initially caused tensions between them. However, as they became acquainted, they loved each other and have lived happily ever since. Lyga, Lysa, and Jon Arryn married after Jon's many marriages, but were unable to produce a son offspring.

Catelyn is reluctant to let her husband and two daughters go to Kingstown. When Bran lying in a coma is attacked by an assassin, she defends his son with his body until Summer, Bran's wolf, deals with the assassin. Using the assassin's dagger as evidence, Catelyn hurries secretly into King's Landing, where Lord Baelish's men first find her, and seizes a woman in a brothel, then tells her that the Valyrian steel dagger belongs to Tyrion Lannister. After Catelyn warns Eddard of danger, she returns to Winterfell.

While on the road, she meets Tyrion in the Riverlands and takes him into captivity, and brings him to her sister Lysa in the Vale. However, after Tyrion's champion wins the duel, he must be freed. From there she goes north and finds her son's war camp at the Neck. Here comes the news that her husband had died. She is personally involved with the Twins, Walder Frey, to relinquish Robb's army, and as an adviser to her recently appointed son of the North King.

His children are Robb, Sansa, Arya, Brandon and Rickon Stark.

Jorah Mormont - The Friend Zone

I just had to give this title to the post :D

Lord Jeor Mormont's firstborn son came to his father's forefather when he voluntarily renounced the title and entered the Night Guard. Shortly thereafter, however, he was given a slave trade due to serious financial mischief, which is the main sin of the Seven Kings. When Jorah learned that a battalion, Eddard Stark, traveled to the Bear Island, he did not expect him to do so personally in the ancient way, but flew to Lys, on the other side of the Narrow Sea. Since then he has been living in Essos, and he is certainly a mercenary.

Jorah meets Pentos at Daenerys's wedding with the Targaryen brothers and offers his services to Viserys as an interpreter and consultant. He is getting closer to Daenerys during a joint journey, though he still sends secret reports to Varys about Targaryen for a while. However, when he realizes that, according to his information, he wants to poison Daenery, intervenes and saves her life.

After Drogo's death, he will be one of the few who are willing to follow Daenery.

Game Of Thrones Moments That Are So Much Better In The Books

To make the series more interesting the producer and the director put in much effort in making of all the seasons so attractive. They chose the character wisely and the costumes are well suited for the characters.

The following are the characters which are better mentioned in the book

  • Jaime is not a selfish person but in the TV show the real personality of Jaime is mistaken. He helps and acts for the benefits of others and he doesn’t do any harm to whom he is loyal and whom he respects. Moreover it is said that there is no such a thing as the murder of Jaime’s family in the books. It is shown in the TV just for the sake of it.
  • Jon Snow the most sought after character in the entire series of the Game of Thrones. He has got a lot of fans even outside the show. He is considered to be a person who lacks ability to perform anything mightily. But later it is shown that he developed courage to face problems with the help of Wildings. In the books the character of Jon has been explained in a smooth and decent manner.
  • The scientist Qyburn is portrayed as the one who conduct several experiment on human being by kidnapping them and torturing them. But the book says that his character is worth remembering and he renders a lot of help to the people through his inventions. He has the ability to resurrect the dead back to life. This is another major difference that is seen between the TV show and the book series.
  • Seeing and enjoying a series on the TV might be interesting and easy but there a lot of important things we miss out while watching TV. That is why most of the people prefer reading than watching on TV.
  • In books we can see the reference and other symbols related to the story and they will be clearly explained. We cannot get such experiences in the TV series.In one place where Cersei sits grieved over the death of her son Joffrey. At that moment Jaime raped Cersei and during the struggle her dress tore.
  • But the same scene in the book is completely different and the rape scene did not occur in the first place. The things that are shown in the series is completely different from that actually happens in the book.
  • Next comes the truth about Tyrion’s first wife Tysha. Tywin lies to Tyrion that his first wife was a prostitute and that she was paid to love him. On the later part of the story, Tywin reveals the truth about his first wife that she was a peasant.
  • This made Tyrion furious and he kills both Shae and Tywin. In the TV series the dwarf Tyrion was portrayed as a murdered. But the books gives plenty of reasons as to what Tyrion did is acceptable and makes him a good person.
  • The White Walkers are considered to be the dreadful items in the series. Sam Tarly actually kills one of the White Walker and this part is completely ignored or given less importance in the TV series. Though the act was to be appreciated and praised the TV series shows that only Gilly witnessed the sight.
  • The character of Loral Tyres is depicted as a one who always wanted to involve in sexual relationship with others. But in the books, his character is shown as the one who is excellent in handling swords and a brave warrior.

These are few of the scenes from the series the Game of Thrones which is much better in the books than on TV series.

Quotes From Game Of Thrones By Our Favorite Cast

Ever since the first episode of Game of Thrones show, we've been hooked on it! It doesn't come as surprise then that we are thrilled when we find out quote collections as this one! Though we like quotes with character images, these were just amazing and original, so we had to share. Of course, we will have our own take on the Game of Thrones quotes, since we are focusing on Game of Thrones heroes and characters. We will go through our favorite cast members and their portrayal of characters in GoT.

A Game of Thrones is the television adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s bestselling fantasy epic, A Song of Ice and Fire. Despite its fantastical setting, the novels are quite character-based. The story revolves mainly around members of noble families struggling to gain control of the Iron Throne of Westeros. Take away the dragons and the magic, and the gritty depiction of human nature and its driving factors are still very much present. Each main character in the novel is richly depicted with their own unique characteristics, personalities, and back story, which is actually one of the reasons the series became so popular in the first place. With this character driven drama, HBO was given the opportunity to reach out to viewers outside of the typical fantasy fanbase and it has done so in full force – sparing no expense on production and ensuring that that the show is supported by a stellar cast. Nearly every main player in the Game of Thrones HBO cast comes with an impressive resume of TV, movie, or theater roles. While there are over a dozen such veterans in the series, there are a select few who really shine. Below are the power players of the Game of Thrones HBO cast, accompanied by our favorite saying from the Game of Thrones TV show:


Mark Addy (Robert Baratheon)

Mark Addy started his career by acting in television comedies such as The Thin Blue Line and Still Standing. He has since taken on movies such as The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Jack Frost, The Order, and A Knight’s Tale. His most popular role is Dave Althorpe in The Full Monty, which earned him a BAFTA nomination and a Screen Actors Guild Award. He joins Game of Thrones HBO cast as Robert Baratheon, a former seasoned warrior who is disenchanted with his current role as a King and prefers to turn a blind eye to the intrigues of his court.

"I'm simply asking you to run my kingdom while I eat, drink, and whore myself into an early grave."
Robert Baratheon


Sean Bean (Eddard Stark)

Sean Bean is an award-winning British actor who has done it all – television, movies, and theater. He is no stranger to the fantasy genre, having acted in such movies as Lord of the Rings and Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. He has numerous movies, TV shows, and theater productions under his belt, including Troy, Don’t Say a Word, National Treasure, The Island, Patriot Games, Lady Chatterley, Samson & Delilah, Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth, among many others. In Game of Thrones, he plays the main protagonist Eddard “Ned” Stark, a proud, honorable man who rules over the North. As a childhood friend of Robert Baratheon, he is honor-bound to accept the role as the King’s Hand, or advisor, in order to assist the King in resolving all the issues at court. His investigations around the former Hand’s death and the suspicious actions of the Queen’s family will inadvertently jumpstart the deadly game of thrones.

"Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word."
Ned Stark


Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister)

Lena Headey’s film credits include horror films such as The Broken and The Cave and fantasy adventures such as The Brothers Grimm. She is famous for her lead role in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which continues the saga of the Terminator movies. In Game of Thrones, she plays the role of Robert Baratheon’s treacherous wife, Cersei. A wealthy and corrupt Lannister to the core, Queen Cersei is one of the main villains of the series, and this is perfectly portrayed in her quote:

"The more people you love, the weaker you are."
Cersei Lannister


Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister)

The list of power players would not be complete without the mention of Peter Dinklage, an award-winning actor best known for his roles in Elf, Chronicles of Narnia, and Penelope. He shines as Tyrion Lannister, the witty dwarf of House Lannister. Dinklage took to the role, becoming an instant favorite and bagging himself an Emmy. After receiving his award, a stunned Dinklage lost all the eloquence of his character as he notes that during his acceptance speech, he thanked his dogsitter, but “not my manager or my lawyer. It might be funny or witty or not. It comes at a price.” On the other side, he shines as Tyrion, and here is our favorite Tyrion quote:

"It’s not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it were easy."
Tyrion Lannister


It seems that we weren't the only ones who liked the original article. You can find another take on it - GoT quotes by characters from all Seven kingdoms of Westeros.

Needless to say, much thought was given in deciding which actors and actresses would join the Game of Thrones HBO cast. The efforts of HBO in this regard were very much rewarded as the show’s premiere was an instant hit and immediately renewed for a second season. We hope that it will be even better in the eight, final season .

Until new post, stay well.

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Arya Stark – Our Favourite Underdog

Arya Stark is a daughter of Catelyn and Ned Stark, sister of Robb, Sansa, Bran and Rickon Stark, and John Snow. When her father went to King’s Landing to become a Hand of the King, Arya Stark and her sister Sansa went with him. And that is when things start to go wrong for her.

There’s a story that Arya is a favourite character of George R. R. Martin’s partner, so we can hope she will stay alive until the story of Song of Ice and Fire is finished.

Arya Stark doesn’t want to be a lady

Even when she was living in Winterfell with the rest of her family, Arya Stark was never a regular little girl. In the books she’s only 9, while in the series, where she’s played by the adorable Maisie Williams, she is a bit older than that. In all of her life, as she can remember, she never enjoyed the girly activities – sewing, singing, and remembering romantic stories that the Old Nan used to tell her.

Sansa was the perfect girl, so it’s no wonder the two of them don’t really get along, even though later on, forced by the circumstances, Arya realizes she loves her sister in spite of the differences between them. What Arya does love is all the fierce activities, like fighting, and exploration, and horse riding. She doesn’t mind getting her hands muddy if that means she will discover something new.

Like all of the Stark children, Arya has a direwolf named Nymeria. On the way to King’s Landing, and mostly thanks to Sansa’s being shallow, Arya has to make Nymeria leave. As the story unfolds, we realize that Arya sometimes connects to Nymeria in her sleep, like Bran Stark does with his direwolf Summer, and Jon Snow with his direwolf Ghost.

It could be said that Arya Stark‘s favourite brother is Jon Snow, because the two of them are most alike – they are the only ones who look more like Stark than Tully, after Catelyn Stark’s family. Jon is a bastard son of Ned Stark, while Arya is not a typical little girl, and being different from anyone else is another thing that makes them connect to each other. So, it was Jon Snow who gave Arya a sword before she went to King’s Landing. The little sword she named Needle is the only thing that connects her to her true identity.

Arya Stark – a fierce little warrior

In the series, we see how even her father Ned Stark acknowledges her fierce side, making her have fencing lectures with Syrio Forel, a Braavosi swordsman. His lectures are the last happy memories Arya Stark  will have. After Ned’s execution, Arya is disguised as a boy and goes with the Night’s Watch recruits, attempting to get back to Winterfell.

However, the destiny has something different in store for her. She starts losing her companions one by one. Yoren, a brother of the Night’s Watch, who rescued her from King’s Landing after Ned’s execution, Gendry, Hot Pie, even her sword Needle… she loses friends and gains enemies.

With all the hard life lessons Arya Stark is experiencing while wandering through Westeros, her only comfort becomes a lullaby of names of those she wishes dead – Jeffrey Baratheon, Cersei Lannister, Ser Amory Lorch, Ser Gregor Clegane, Ser Ilyn Payne, The Hound…

Yaqen H’ghar, a mysterious prisoner of the Night’s Watch whom she helped to escape after the group’s been attacked by Lannister soldiers, offers Arya three deaths for the three lives, including his, she saved. After the deal is done, Yaqen H’ghar proves to be a Faceless man, and he gives Arya an iron coin.

This is pretty much how far the series has come, but in the books the story of Arya Stark continues. She is the only character who has at least one POV in each of the books after all. So, Arya continues to go all over the Westeros, trying to reach Winterfell, then Riverrun, then the Frey Towers, but she never manages to get to her destination. Along the way, she manages to remove some of the names from her list, and even get her Needle back. She finds a way to use the iron coin, and goes over the Narrow Sea, to the city of Braavos.

All this time, Arya Stark constantly changes her identity. While with Yoren, she was known as a boy Arry. Later she becomes Nymeria or Nan for short, then Weasel, then Salty, then the Cat of the Canals, then Beth… In Braavos, she comes to the House of Black and White, where, it seems, the Faceless Men are trained. So, Arya starts her training there. The most important part of the training is to become no one, and that is the one thing Arya can’t do. She is forced to leave all of her belongings so she could become no one, and she does so, with the exception of Needle, which she hides in a special place known only to her.

So, at the end of the fifth book, A Dance with Dragons, Arya comes to the higher levels of her training, but she doesn’t let go of her old self – Arya Stark of Winterfell. What will happen to her? We will have to wait and see, and we can bet it will be one of the most interesting stories of A Song of Ice and Fire.


John & Dom

Daenerys Targaryen: From Stormborn to Salvation

The exiled heir to the Iron Throne, Daenerys Targaryen, is certainly a strong-willed woman with her eyes on Westeros. There isn’t truly a time where her story doesn’t bring excitement or that nagging cliffhanger strategy that was displayed oh so often. From her exiled hideout in Pentos, through the desolate lands traveled by the Dothraki, and eventually to Qarth, Daenerys developed into the woman we all knew she had the potential to become.

What makes her perspective so unique is that while it still has the typical ‘Game of Thrones’ twists, it maintains a sense of chronological progression of her character in a way that the viewers could relate.

A scared, abused young girl who was treated like property by her older brother eventually acquired the raw tenacity to conquer Qarth “The greatest city that ever was or will be.” Of course, we all love the dragons; but with dragons also comes great responsibility one might say.

For Daenerys being the only dragon owner in the land, doesn’t always yield happy endings. I personally marveled at the way she treats them like her babies, even after her own child had been killed.

She had absolutely nothing on her mind but their safe return when they were kidnapped. This was just one of the various mindset changes she had to adapt to for suiting her situation, and they were captured brilliantly by actress Emilia Clarke.

In a world where men are the dominant species, only a few women manage to break the barrier, and Daenerys truly comes into her own.  Is there really anything like a beautiful, courageous, determined mother of dragons to drag you deeper into the world of  ’Game of Thrones?’


The Khaleesi – A Queen in the Making?

I know I’m not the only one who was a bit disgruntled after the opening scene of the Daenerys perspective, where her brother Viserys fondled (for lack of a better word) her new teenage body.  Only seconds later, she was informed by Viserys that he was essentially selling her to the Dothraki, Khal Drogo for an army of horse lords with which to reclaim the throne.

Brotherly love, right? She knew in her heart that her brother was blinded by the power, but remained in a brainwashed state in order to please him.

Only an episode later, she was forced into the bizarre Dothraki wedding ceremony where she clearly would have rather been anywhere else but there.If that sad scene didn’t tug at your heart strings, the borderline rape scene surely did.

Now, she was marrying the most powerful Dothraki, Khal Drogo, which meant that she became the Khaleesi – a woman held in high esteem to the discretion of the Khal and his khalasar(horde).

Much to viewer’s despair, the struggles didn’t end here. She had to earn the respect of the entire Dothraki horde, learn their  language, and most importantly build a relationship with her arranged husband Khal Drogo.

Daenerys grew stronger, more independent, and stood up for herself like never before. She became pregnant and even ate a horse heart in a scene I personally wouldn’t mind forgetting. One of the most fascinating scenes of season one, not only from the Daenerys perspective, but of the entire show was when she was faced with the final decision of her Viserys’ fate.

She allowed Drogo to kill him with a pot of smoldering gold poured over his head to make “a golden crown”, then said:

“He’s no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon.”

If there is such a thing as a key turning point, this was it. She relieved the burden of her brother’s tantalizing fury once and for all in a most spectacular way.

Subsequently, she realized that it was, in fact, she who was the last dragon. Did the agony end there? Surely not.

Soon after this, one of Khal Drogo’s rivals starts a death match with him.  Drogo at one point of the fight actually allows his rival, who has not landed a single blow, to cut him and pushes himself against the blade showing no fear or pain.

This overly macho act may well impress his watching Khalasar but leads to a nasty infection which threatens his life.  He falls from his horse and his Khalasar ride on stating “A man who cannot ride cannot lead”.  This leaves Daenerys with the prospect of losing the only love in her life and so she turns to a witch and black magic to save her stallion’s life.

The magic works but at a dreadful cost…… the life of their unborn son.  The black magic is a double edged sword and although Drogo’s life is spared he is left almost as an empty shell, unresponsive, uncaring not even interested in feeding or washing himself.

This left season one to end with a flare; Daenerys walked onto Drogo’s funeral pyre with her dragon eggs, only to emerge unharmed with her three baby dragons perched upon her.


The Mother of Dragons Leaves Qarth In Ruins

Just when we thought Daenerys might be stranded in the desert forever, they discover that the free city of Qarth is in traveling distance.  She is courted by one of the thirteen elders named Xaro Xhoan Doxus almost immediately. She refuses his offer of marriage in exchange for ships to travel to Westeros to reclaim the throne.

This is a monumental stepping stone for Daenerys in the sense that she is torn by what her actual priorities should be. She knows that she isn’t fit for ruling quite yet, and that there is much to learn. Following her brother’s footsteps would be a grave mistake. As for the progression of her character, she’s begun to develop all of the necessary qualities a genuine leader must be comprised of.

When her dragons were captured by Pyat Pree, a warlock of the House of the Undead, she honed in on retrieving them at any costs. This motherly trait is admirable and depictive of a woman fit for ruling and responsible of calling the dragons her own. Her prowess only grew stronger as season two came to a close, when she showed no remorse when connecting with her dragons to vanquish the warlock and banish Xaro, along with one of her closest handmaidens from her khalasar without a second thought.

Look out Westeros: Daenerys Stormborn, the first of her name, of House Targaryen, will take what is hers with fire and blood!


John & Dom

Tyrion Lannister – The Imp, The Halfman, The Hero

Tyrion Lannister is a favorite character of many who have watched Game of Thrones, or read the books from the Song of Ice and Fire. Even George R.R. Martin says that he identifies himself with the character of Tyrion Lannister. This gives us a ray of hope that Mr Martin won’t kill Tyrion, because he has shown a tendency of killing important characters so far.

George R. R. Martin has said that he has been killing our favorite characters because he wants to give primacy to the story, rather than the characters; that he is interested in showing a world of politics, and so on. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed that Tyrion Lannister will live even when the story is finished.

Tyrion Lannister – an unloved son

Tyrion Lannister has been born a third child of Tywin and Joanna of House Lannister. He was born a dwarf, and his mother died giving birth to him, something his father always held against him.

Cersei Baratheon nee Lannister, Tyrion’s sister, also resented him for “killing” his mother, and would always find a new way to torture him when he was still a child. Jaime Lannister, Cersei’s twin and Tyrion’s big brother, however, would always defend Tyrion and treat him like a loved little brother.

Even though Jaime and Tyrion always loved and appreciated each other, the strong character of their father Tywin came between them when they were teenagers. Jaime and Tyrion defended a young girl named Tysha from the group of bandits.

Tysha and Tyrion fell in love with each other and even got married. When Tywin found out about the marriage, he forced Jaime to tell that Tysha was a prostitute he hired to cheer up his little brother. The marriage was broken, and Tyrion was forced to watch as his father made the entire household guard rape her and pay a silver penny each.

Perhaps due to that event in his life, Tyrion developed quite a sarcastic nature. Since he couldn’t rely on his good looks or prowess in fighting like his big brother, Tyrion confided himself to his wits. He is a clever person who reads a lot and learns from every experience.


The Master of Politics

As I said, Tyrion likes to read a lot. His favorite read is about history and politics, so it’s no wonder that he “know(s) how this game is played”. He is a master of the game of thrones, just like Littlefinger Petyr Baelish and Lord Varys. Neither of the three wants to rule, and that may be just the reason why they are so successful in playing the game.

We first meet Tyrion at Winterfell, where he shows the good side of his character. He feels compassion for those who are different, like himself. Jon Snow, the bastard, and Bran Stark, the cripple, are the first to see it. Afterwards in the story (in the later books) we get to see a bad side of Tyrion Lannister, when he punishes those who try to do him harm.

After Winterfell, Tyrion travels to the Wall, so he could piss from top of it. During his travel from the Wall to the King’s Landing, he is captured by Catelyn Stark, and then saved by Bronn, the hired swordsman. Tyrion Lannister manages to pay the wild tribes, and is eventually even made a Hand of the King Joffrey Baratheon, in place of his father Tywin who has battles to win. Tyrion takes a prostitute Shea, whom he met during the battles, with him to King’s Landing because he fell in love with her.

 Being a Hand of the King, Tyrion is finally been given a chance to show his true skills. He manages to trick Cersei, and turn the game of thrones into a game for the good of the kingdom instead of the game of those hungry for power. Even though he did the most of the work when it came to saving King’s Landing from Stannis Baratheon’s attack, he didn’t get the appreciation he deserved. Left without half a nose and part of a lip (only a deep cut in the series) and removed from the position of the Hand of the King, it seems that his time is done.

Now, if you don’t want to know what happens in Game of Thrones season 3, stop reading because major spoilers are coming.

Tyrion Lannister still has a lot to do in the game of thrones. After losing the position of the Hand of the King, he is made into a Master of Coin. Cersei Baratheon and Tywin Lannister plot and force Tyrion to marry Sansa Stark. During the wedding feast between Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell, Joffrey is murdered and Tyrion is blamed. He is almost executed, but Jaime Lannister and Lord Varys help him escape.

Jaime admits that Tysha really did love Tyrion, and Tyrion, hurt and angry, lies to Jaime that he did kill Joffrey, Jaime’s son. Tyrion goes to the tower of the Hand, and realizes Shae has been cheating on him with his father, so he strangles Shae, and kills Tywin Lannister with a crossbow. Before he dies, Tywin Lannister answered to Tyrion’s question about Tysha’s whereabouts by saing she is there where whores go.

That sentence haunts Tyrion as he is smuggled to Pentos, where he meets Ilyrio Mopatas, Daenerys Targaryen’s benefactor. Tyrion meets Aegon Targaryen, a son of Rhaegar Targaryen – Daenerys’s brother, whom everyone thought killed during Robert’s Rebellion. He is later captured by Jorah Mormont, and eventually made a slave who performs a gig to entertain Daenerys Targaryen herself. Daenerys learns that Tyrion and the girl dwarf are to be eaten by lions and saves them, even though she has no idea who Tyrion really is.

With the end of the fifth book, A Dance with Dragons, Tyrion is trying to get to Daenerys so he could help her win back Westeros.

There are fan made theories that Tyrion could be one head of the dragon, alongside Daenerys and Jon Snow, but we won’t know anything until the last two books are out. In the show, there is still a chance for that, but I presume that it is pure theoretical chance.

Until the third season and the sixth book are out, here are the best moments of Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones season 1 and Game of Thrones Season 2.


John & Dom

Robb Stark – A King in the North, The Young Wolf

Robb Stark has easily become one of the favorite male characters from the series Game of Thrones. This should not come as a surprise taking into consideration that he is played by a young Scottish actor Richard Madden, who has already gained fame as one of the hottest young actors.

Robb Stark is the eldest son of Lord of the Winterfell, Eddard “Ned” Stark. After Ned Stark has gone to King’s Landing to rule as a Hand of the King Robert Baratheon, Robb remained to rule Winterfell with the assistance from his mother, Catelyn Stark.

As other Stark children, Robb also has a direwolf from the litter Jon Snow found on the way when the Stark sons went to witness how their father produces justice. Robb’s direwolf is called the Grey Wind, and afterwards, Robb Stark gets a nickname the Young Wolf, because there is definitely a special kind of relationship between Stark children and their wolves.


Robb Stark -  King in the North

Being his father’s son, Robb always tries to be just and wise in all of his decisions, and that eventually becomes the cause of his doom. We will talk about that a bit later.

So, after Ned Stark went to King’s Landing, he discovered Cersei’s sins, which eventually lead to his death. Young King Joffrey Baratheon, whom Robb disliked from the moment Joffrey visited Winterfell, demands that Robb comes to King’s Landing and pledge fealty. Robb Stark does just the opposite as he collects his Northern bannermen and leads an army to attack the Westerlands, with a plan to finally go to King’s Landing and get revenge for his father’s death.

Even though Robb Stark is practically still a child, he manages to convince his bannermen that he is a wise and mature young man, which earns him a title of the King in the North, and support from all of the North. Robb proves to be a clever warrior by winning battle after battle and even managing to capture Jaime Lannister, known for his war skills.

So far, the series Game of Thrones has followed the story from the books of A Song of Ice and Fire – A Game of Thrones, and A Clash of Kings. However, now comes the moment where the differences take place. The first and obvious difference is that all the children from the books are portrayed by older actors in the series – for example, Robb is only fourteen at the beginning of the story in the books. But we are already used to that.


The Young Wolf – differences from the characters in the Song of Ice and Fire, and Game of Thrones

If you have watched the second season, and you surely have, then you remember that Robb Stark was intrigued by a young woman named Talisa who was following the army and providing medical help for all the wounded, no matter which side they were fighting. They seem to share the same values of honesty and justice, so it is no wonder that they fall in love and eventually get married. Now, the problem is that Robb is engaged to one of the daughters of Lord Walder Frey. Lord Frey is a man whose age is overpowered only by his pride, and will definitely take this marriage as an insult. Since Freys are one of the biggest armies that support Robb Stark, insulting Lord Frey is something he should be very careful to avoid.

In the books, there were a lot more battles, and of course, the series Game of Thrones couldn’t have them all. In one of the battles, Robb is wounded and tended by a young lady named Jeyne Westerling, from one of the houses that are Lannister’s bannermen.

After he finds out that Theon Greyjoy, who was supposed to be his best friend, has attacked Winterfell and killed his little brothers, Bran and Rickon, Robb is devastated.

In that moment of grief, he finds comfort in the embrace of the same young Jeyne Westerling who tended his wounds.  Robb marries her so he would not dishonor her by taking her maidenhood and leaving her afterwards. This has the same consequences when it comes to the promise to Lord Walder Frey.

In the books, the sequence of events shows Robb Stark as a just and honorable young man, and it seems logical. Even though in the series they had to save some screen time, I think the solution they came up with was not as good. Getting married to Talisa seemed more of a personal whim, following personal feelings, and that was not something Robb, Ned Stark’s son, would do.

Even his reaction when he learns that Catelyn Stark freed Jaime Lannister shows him as a different character than Robb Stark in the books. In the books he was scared of his mother’s reaction and he almost easily forgave her letting Jaime Lannister go, while in the series he was mad with rage, only to go and make an even bigger mistake when it comes to the war strategy by marrying Talisa, than the one Catelyn did.

Even though this is a huge difference between the books and the series, I believe it will end up with the same consequences as it did in the third book of Song of Ice and Fire, A Storm of Swords.

This time I will be so nice and not tempt you by giving any spoilers. If you want to know more, go read the Storm of Swords, or watch the Game of Thrones season 3.


John & Dom

Jon Snow – An Enigma of A Bastard

Jon Snow is known as a natural son to Eddard Stark, which means he is not conceived by parents who are married. When Ned Stark was helping his friend Robert Baratheon to win the Iron Throne and avenge the supposed abduction of his sister Lyanna by prince Rhaegar, he fell victim to the charms of a servant called Wylla, and that resulted in the birth of Jon Snow, or so he (Ned Stark) claims.

Even though Jon Snow is a son of Eddard Stark, he does not bear his last name because the tradition in the Westeros makes difference between natural and marriage-born children. Bastard children of Westeros are given last name according to the region where they were born, so Snow children are born in the North, Hill in the West, Sand in the South, Stone in the Vale, Pyke in the Iron Islands, and so on.

Jon Snow was never allowed to forget his origins – even though he had good relations with his stepbrothers and stepsisters, Catelyn Stark, Ned’s wife, could never stand Jon as he reminded her of her husband’s infidelity. Also, in one part of the story Jon remembers a game between him and Robb Stark when they were children. As any child, they loved to play roles and imagine themselves famous knights.

During one game, Jon Snow declared himself Lord of Winterfell, and Robb reminded him that could not be because he is a bastard. Jon loved Robb, and Robb loved Jon, but they were only children, and the cruel aspect of the truth did not bother them that much at that time.


Jon Snow – a brother of the Night’s Watch

Since Jon is aware that he has no future at Winterfell as his brothers and sisters do, he decides to look forge his name as a member of The Night’s Watch.  The Night’s Watch is an order of men who protect The Wall from the wildlings and the Others. No one has seen the Others for centuries, and they are almost thought a legend rather than real creatures, but that fact will soon change.

Since the real danger (the Others) is forgotten, The Night’s Watch now consists mainly of people who chose The Wall rather than being condemned to dungeons or death for their crimes. Jon Snow, being an honorable young man, and also a son of the Lord, soon makes enemies. He is promoted to the position of the steward of the Lord Commander Mormont, the Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch.


During the ranging beyond the Wall, Jon Snow is captured by the wildlings, but manages to convince them that he wants to join them as ordered by The Night’s Watch’s lead ranger Qhorin Halfhand. He learns the goal of the wildlings, but before he manages to escape from them and notice The Night’s Watch of their plans, he is practically forced into a relationship with one of the free folk woman, Ygrittewhom he starts to fall in love with.

Lots of rangers, including Lord Commander, are killed during the ranging, and only a few remain to defend The Wall from the wildlings. They do their best, lead by Jon Snow, but the outcome of the fight might not have turned positive for the Night’s Watch if they weren’t unexpectedly aided by self-proclaimed King Stannis Baratheon.


Since there is a need for the new Lord Commander, thanks to the plots of Samwell Tarly, Jon Snow is elected new Lord Commander. Melisandre, the Red Priestess of R’hllor, warns Jon Snow about his enemies, and daggers in the dark. Until the sixth part of the Song of Ice and Fire is out, we will not know what the destiny has in store for Jon Snow, death or success.

Now, there are many theories that capture our attention when it comes to Jon Snow, concerning his origins. When I first heard that there are plenty of people who believe that Jon Snow might be a son of Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna, and prince Rhaegar, King Aerys’s son, I thought it was crazy. However, the curiosity got the best of me, and I Googled, and read some forum posts that made me believe it’s not such a crazy thought after all.

I won’t share all the details that made such a presumption sounded possible at that moment, because there are too many, but people investigated and read into many details, and, of course, by the end of season 6 everyone knew Jon Snow really could is a son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. This makes him a nephew of Daenerys Targaryen Stormborn, which definitely makes a Song of Ice and Fire even more complex and interesting.

Until the last two books are out, though, we won’t know what will truly be the end of Jon Snow. Until then we can speculate and make guesses, and wait at the mercy of George R. R. Martin


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